NeoChats - Series 5 | Episode 3: Guided Meditation Session – Dr. Jackie Ang

December 02, 2021 Anne Season 5 Episode 3
NeoChats - Series 5 | Episode 3: Guided Meditation Session – Dr. Jackie Ang
Show Notes

SERIES 5 | EPISODE 3: Guided Meditation Session

GUEST: Jackie Ang, MD, CCFP, E-RYT
Family Physician, Psychotherapist, Yoga + Meditation Instructor 
Ke'ala Living and The Mindfulness Centre

Dr. Jackie Ang will offer a guided meditation practice to facilitate relaxation and restoration of the body, mind, and spirit. The practice of meditation invites participants to develop strategies to reduce stress and improve mental resilience.

Dr. Jackie Ang is a former family and palliative care physician turned GP psychotherapist, meditation, and yoga instructor. Growing up meditating in the Buddhist and Vedantic tradition, she became introduced to secular mindfulness and self-compassion practice during her medical training at Queen’s University. Seeking to bring the benefits of meditation to patients, she currently facilitates OHIP funded mindfulness based group programs for the treatment of mental health and stress related illness.

Passionate about empowering others to take an active role in their own wellbeing, she offers mindfulness-based training to hospital staff and serves on the faculty of the Esprit Yoga teacher training program teaching meditation and trauma-informed yoga. As an educator, her interest lies in finding the intersection between the contemplative traditions of meditation and yoga and our evolving neuroscientific understanding. She continues to further her studies in mindfulness and mind-body medicine with David Treleaven, Janina Fisher, Gabor Mate, and Manuela Mischke-Reeds.

For more information about Dr. Ang’s programs, teaching and retreat experiences, please visit: 

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